How We Teach

Learning at Speyer is interdisciplinary in the truest sense, holistically integrating art, culture, history, science, and everyday life.

How to Apply

If you are seeking admissions information for September 2017, please create an online account and inquiry through Ravenna Solutions by clicking here.

Please note that Speyer is no longer accepting applications for the regular Admissions Season. Rolling Admissions will begin March 1, 2017, dependent upon the availability of seats.

We take great care to get to know each applicant child as comprehensively as possible in order to ensure that all accepted students thrive in our educational environment and contribute to our vibrant classrooms. We accept students who bring with them a range of personalities, interests, and backgrounds. We also seek students who are academically motivated, effective collaborators who share an innate love of learning.

Speyer is a community of collaboration and kindness, with a consistent emphasis on social and emotional development as critical components of optimal health and intellectual engagement.

The Speyer Legacy School does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, age or sexual orientation in selecting its students, faculty or staff. While law requires inclusion of the above declaration, the position it states is foundational to the philosophy that guides our community and to the policies that naturally derive from that philosophy. We strive to promote in our community not only tolerance for the differences amongst us, but also a deep and abiding appreciation for the depth and richness those differences contribute to our school culture.

Admissions Dates/Deadlines

There are no calendar events to display

To register for a Spring 2017 tour, please create an account through Ravenna Solutions, and select the 2017-2018 admissions school year.

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