C.A.M.P. Newsletter: Week One

Dear Families, 


This week flew by with all of the excitement throughout the hallways of Speyer! C.A.M.P.ers wore many hats this week, from architects to programmers, mathematicians and more! Below are some highlights from our busy week: 


This week the Kindergarten group has been studying buildings. We have played many exciting games including a crowd favorite, Doubles Tower. Many students were able to beat the clock and get all of their towers to the top before time ran out! They have also been working on building puzzles which proved to be quite tricky!


The first graders have been busy studying area and perimeter. They engaged in many exciting games to solidify these concepts as well as learn about coordinate grids. As a concluding project the campers found the math involved in the game Battleship and made their own versions of Battleship, while thinking about area in the process!


The oldest campers took on the task of studying scale and were busy making scale models of some of their favorite buildings. They have worked collaboratively to study the structural design of the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade and the Chrysler Building. You should see how small a full grown adult looks compared to these giant towers when drawn to scale!



Kindergarten and first graders have been programming in Scratch all week. They learned how to:

•   Create a Sprite (a character)

•   Create a Backdrop

•   Do a basic animation by

  • creating a loop
  • writing a conditional statement
  • changing a sprite's costume


Campers created one small project for loops and are working on a larger program called About Me!  

Parents can download Scratch for their kids at


Second through fourth graders learned basic 2D drawing and started to learn animation in Processing. Processing is a digital sketchbook and Java code development environment. Below is the breakdown of the concepts that students covered during the week:

•   shape drawing 

•   color manipulation

•   size manipulation

•   animation with

  • variables
  • conditional statements

By the end of C.A.M.P., students will have completed a basic 2D drawing or animation project using Java code in processing. 


Parents can download Processing for their kids to continue coding at



After first learning about scale and architectural drawing, the C.A.M.P.ers jumped right into designing and building a structure for either themselves, a storybook character or a superhero. Their designs ranged from modest school rooms to upside-down skyscrapers. Some of the campers plan on continuing to add interior features to the project for the rest of the summer. 


Chess players focused on games involving several different strategies! Beginners learned piece movements and basic strategic play. Everyone contributed and gave their best efforts! More experienced players engaged in matches, looked at games, and even watched a chess tournament. Class participation was top notch throughout all of C.A.M.P.


This week in PE campers engaged in a host of physical fun. While in the gymnasium campers participated in tag games, scooter play, basketball, baseball, hockey, and tumbling, among other activities. For many, Water Play was the highlight of the week, as campers utilized mist, soak sponges, the wading pool or sprinklers to cool themselves.

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Becky Cohen & Lindsay Robbins, Program Directors


925 Ninth Avenue • New York, New York 10019 • (212) 581-4000

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