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STEAM Newsletter: Week One

Dear Families, 

We have had such an exciting first week at STEAM! From science experiments to art projects, dance moves and iPad apps, and even water play and math games - the STEAM students were busy laughing and learning with hands-on fun! 


Here are some highlights from Week One: 



This year's STEAM themes are all about nature! Our kindergarten group will be focused on entomology. This week, the entomologists learned about the parts of insects and made jumping grasshoppers. They also split into two groups and decorated butterflies to camouflage around separate rooms. Then they went on a scavenger hunt in the other room to see how many butterflies they could find! Later in the week, each child got a magnifier box with a REAL LIVE ladybug inside to observe it, draw it, and write down questions they were wondering about ladybugs. The entomologists will continue their ladybug study by performing choice/preference experiments. 


The first and second graders are studying hydrology! This week, the hydrologists made glitter snow globes, oobleck, and even designed and built boats out of aluminum foil to float and withstand as many pennies as they could! They finished the exciting week by experimenting with chromatography. Ask your hydrologist to tell you more about their amazing water discoveries! 


The third and fourth graders are focusing on botany! This week, the botanists made their own helicopter seeds. Additionally, they cut up root vegetables and submerged the intact root in water, then measured height in their recording sheet. They also experimented with papermaking! More plant and flower fun to come next week! 



This week, the third and fourth grade group engaged in several games and puzzles that put their minds to the test.  Kenken was a group favorite and some campers even challenged themselves to a 6X6 hard puzzle! The campers also learned about the order of operations and played the game "Wipe Out" to try and use these concepts to wipe out all of the numbers 1-50. One group was able to wipe out all 50 numbers! Next week we will start a botanical garden project and learn about concepts in graphing and lines.


The first and second grade group focused on playing some fun and engaging games and puzzles that were related to the theme of water. They started the week with a capacity game and will end the week estimating water on the terrace. They are excited for the mathematic water races to come next week!


Kindergarteners explored math in relation to the theme of entomology. They played a ladybug game and even beat the teacher! Each student was also able to "Roll a Beetle" as they explored concepts of probability.



The Kindergarten "Fire Ant Super Steamers" celebrated their entomology theme by making fingerprint bug jars. This is a fun and simple craft that can be done at home using watercolors, a stamp pad, or any type of paint! They also made a yummy snack: marshmallow and pretzel ants! 


First and second grade "Tidal Waves" created deep sea paintings using watercolors and pastels. Before beginning our pieces, we brainstormed different flora and fauna that one would find in the ocean. We had a ton of ideas, including octopus, dolphins, seaweed, and more. Some of us even chose to include mermaids in our paintings!


Third and fourth graders created a group name, "Root Root Root for the Botanists!" and created two botany-themed art projects. First, an optical illusion drawing that showed a different nature scene depending on which way you looked at it. Second, we planted grass seeds in a cup and decorated them with funny faces. We can't wait to give our plant pet its first "haircut!" 


Kindergarten students studied differences between media that informs and media that is just for fun. They began brainstorming for a video they will make which will inform their viewers about insects! 


First and second graders have been learning about advertising strategies and how they are used in trailers. They experimented with the app "Puppet Pals" and how they will use this app to make a trailer of their own! 


The third and fourth graders have also been learning about advertising strategies. They made 20 second ads that featured a specific strategy. They screened their ads and began storyboarding for a trailer for a super hero that has plant powers or is battling to save plant life!



Students engaged in a variety of physical activities this week! While in the gymnasium, groups played games with inflatables. We also explored how air pressure affects various sport equipment and games. Water play on Tuesday and Thursday provided a cool and refreshing opportunity to explore the role of air pressure in many of our wet play activities.



Each day we explored movement with live music, including learning set choreography and songs as well as creating together. Every class included: a greeting and song, a physical warm-up, and creative movement elements that reflected the science themes, such as physicalizing a poem about bugs, creating movements to interpret water action words (i.e. Splash, wave, drop), and moving through space like poison ivy growing wild. Each group worked with themed choreography, such as the Bug dance, Hydrology dance, and Botany (poison ivy) dance. We sang "I Will" by the Beatles, and played a "fruit salad" memory and shape game!

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you Monday for more STEAM fun! 



Becky Cohen & Lindsay Robbins, Program Directors


925 Ninth Avenue • New York, New York 10019 • (212) 581-4000

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