7 / 15 / 16 

STEAM Newsletter: Week  Two

Dear Families, 

That's a wrap! We have loved having your child at STEAM this summer! With so much hands-on fun and learning, 2016 was certainly a summer to remember. 

Here are some highlights from our final week at STEAM: 


We were so lucky to have the Liberty Science Center bring their traveling science program to STEAM this week! The "Creepy Crawlies" had us squirming, laughing, and asking questions about several insects and arachnids. We learned all about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and even had the chance to touch it! A snake at a summer program? You bet! Many STEAMers were even brave enough to touch the scales of a slithery constrictor. It was a day to remember! 



The kindergarten entomologists continued their insect study all week as they performed more experiments with their ladybugs and learned about bees! On Tuesday, they released ladybugs on Fordham's lawn and tried accomplishing everyday tasks while only looking through compound eyes. On Wednesday, the entomologists caught, inspected, and released insects in Central park. We finished the week by making lip balm and a spider web obstacle course! 


The first and second grade hydrology group camouflaged butterflies around the room, and even made popsicles and used different materials to keep their ice cubes from melting the fastest! They also made paper from scratch, concocted their own lip balm, and wrapped up the week by constructing their own bubble wands! 


The third and fourth grade botanists made their own paper! In addition to creating homemade lip balm, they camouflaged butterflies and went on a plant scavenger hunt in the park! How is the "hair" growing on your child's pet plant?



The kindergarten entomologists continued the creepy crawly fun by using various craft materials to create spiders and webs! Ask your "Super Steamer Fire Ant" to explain the difference between insects and arachnids, and their body parts too! 


The first and second grade "Tidal Waves" created their own artistic representations of the water cycle! First, we talked about the different parts of the water cycle: condensation, precipitation, accumulation, and evaporation. Then we used a variety of materials, including pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and construction paper to craft our own unique pieces. 


The third and fourth grade "Root Root Root for the Botanists!" crafted 3D paper plate flowers. By exploring texture and watercolor art, they produced a beautiful and unique creation to celebrate our botany study!


Kindergarten worked on their informational videos this week. We wrapped things up by putting on the finishing touches with a title scene to introduce their work. We also made a poster for our videos!  


First and second graders completed their trailers, featuring a super hero with powers related to water, as well a poster that advertises them!


Third and fourth graders have also been working on their trailers featuring a super hero that has plant powers, or someone battling to save plant life. They are shooting and working to edit shots using iMovie, and are ready to screen!



Campers pondered the effects of water as it relates to physical activities, recreational games, and sports. Specifically, we explored how some of the games and activities we enjoy would change if water was introduced. Water play on Tuesday and Thursday provided an opportunity for campers to put their theories to the test and explore how water pressure and volume can enhance the wet play experience.


This week, each group continued to warm-up, sing hello and goodbye songs, craft class dance choreography, work on spacing and transitions within dances, and play the fruit salad game! On our last day together, each class created introductions for their group dance for their final STEAM performance. Everyone sang "Hello My Friends" and then we kicked off the dance moves! The kindergartners shared a poem and their bug boogie! The hydrology group shared how they constructed their choreography, and performed a water-inspired dance. The botanists introduced the features of poison ivy, and performed their unique poison ivy dance.  To close, everyone sang "I Will" by the Beatles! 


Becky Cohen & Lindsay Robbins, Program Directors


925 Ninth Avenue • New York, New York 10019 • (212) 581-4000

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