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Why The Speyer Legacy School?

With the wide range of educational options available in New York City, why consider The Speyer Legacy School for your child?
  • Your child has an inner fire that drives intense curiosity, constant questioning and a relentless zeal to master information and tasks.
  • Your child is passionate, lively, perhaps high maintenance, probing and reaching out for understanding.
  • Your child is dreamy and imaginative and comes up with unconventional ideas and creations.
  • You are intrigued at the prospect of being part of the growth and development of a new school.
  • You wish to be a member of  an involved, supportive parent body.
  • You do not see your child represented in any other academic setting.

Who are we looking for?

Individual scholars and families to create a community of scholarship.

A Speyer Legacy Scholar is:

  • Passionate
  • Has a zeal to master
  • Inquisitive
  • Sometimes perfectionistic
  • Constantly questioning
  • Constantly examining, observing
  • Funny, silly, mischievous
  • One who enjoys discussion with like minded peers
  • Loves to:  read or write,  build or sing, or, think about numbers, or, ask questions that lead to more questions, or, run and jump, or, engage older children or adults in passionate discussions of mutual interest, or, day dream.
A Speyer Legacy Teacher is:
  • Intellectually fearless
  • Stimulated by challenging minds
  • Appreciative of humor and has a lively sense of humor
  • A self directed scholar who is always learning
  • An eager collaborator with students, colleagues and parents     
  • Able to craft thoughtful extended assignments and assessment instruments
  • One who enjoys watching the wheels turn when scholars are thinking
  • Ready, willing and able to raise the bar when needed
  • Creative
  • Passionate

Speyer Legacy Parents are:

  • Life long learners
  • Partners in the education of their children
  • Fearless and full of hope for the future
  • Committed to providing the most appropriate educational experiences for their children
  • Supportive of other parents in the community

The identification process is broad and thoughtful, taking into account a range of criteria for the selection of students for an accelerated, enriched program. We do not view children as test scores or mere repositories of potential to be unleashed.  We recognize the value of each moment, each day in the life of a child, and strive to respond with joy to the challenge of helping each to live fully as thinker and a learner.

"For us, Intelligence is not only what you know but what you do with what you know." 

The Leadership Team

"At Speyer Legacy School, learning holds value if and only if the process was meaningful.  The philosophy asks administrators, teachers, students, and parents to believe that there is a purpose behind learning and that there is always more to discover. This new philosophy has allowed me to be a scholar again"                                                                                Speyer  Legacy Teacher

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