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Our mission to educate the heart as well as the mind requires that we highlight our position of relative priviledge and develop our capacity to have an impact on the need we see around us. Meaningful service is at the heart of community life at The Speyer Legacy School.  It is our goal to guide our students to recognize and identify need and bring to bear their resources of intellect, compassion and action in responding to perceived need. Each school year, students  select one or two community service projects to develop and implement. While some projects will focus on ongoing need, such as helping to stock local food pantries, others emerge in response to disasters, such as Help for Haiti.   Each project will include three components: education, action, and outreach.

We expand our emphasis on service as integral to the fully realized life from local involvement to embrace a global perspective in a number of ways.  One important, ongoing opportunity is provided through our long established affiliation with The Caroline Wambui Mungai Home in Wangige, Kenya.  In addition to fundraising efforts targeted to specific needs of the Home, members of the Leadership Team have traveled to Kenya to do professional development with the teachers and the children, and have built strong relationships with the students and teachers there.  Plans for the future include service visits by the older students.


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Children from The Caroline Wambui Mungai Home. Wangige, Kenya

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