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The WonderCabinet: The Speyer Legacy Portal.
Posted 09/13/2013 03:45PM

The WonderCabinet ™ @ Speyer.


The WonderCabinet™ is Speyer’s portal to the wonders of science technology and beyond.


In childhood, there is one story that is so central it must be told repeatedly and in every way possible. Whether it involves a tornado to Oz, a Phantom Tollbooth, a platform to Hogwarts, or a rabbit hole to wonderland, it is the universal story of a fabled portal that leads away from ordinary lives to a fantastic land beyond of limitless possibility. Until now, however, this story has remained a fictional well to be tapped for inspiration rather than education.


Curated by Eric Weinstein, a Speyer parent and mathematics PhD, the WonderCabinet™@Speyer is an installation of child-accessible wormholes to the frontiers of knowledge and research.  Filled with mathematical visitors from higher dimensions, spectacular nano-machines robots, and over 100 of the most important models, diagrams, constructs and machines from across the sciences and engineering, the Cabinet installation plans to transform the school into a space where Speyer scholars live in a real life wonderland near the forefront of research familiar to professors, post-docs and graduate students. However, because the objects are chosen for their accessibility, inter-relatedness and the centrality to the fields from which they come, scholars will begin interacting with interdisciplinary research level concepts from their earliest kindergarten level entry into the Speyer intellectual ecosystem.  A hacker-space with 3D printing, agile computer programming, and other rapid-protoyping resources, will enable the scholars to play with the concepts in an active rather than passive capacity. Finally a lending library capacity built into the WonderCabinet™ will further entice the students to develop expertise with different items so that mastery of the cabinet's diverse holdings is held at School level rather than with any particular teacher or student. 


With the WonderCabinet™ built around the schools new space, the portal concept finally moves from inspiration, to a fully realized daily experience of rigorous wonder based education for Speyer scholars. 

"There are few things more satisfying to us than knowing when we've done well by our children. We thank you for making that feeling a regular occurence that begins for us each weekday morning and lasts through pickup and beyond."  Speyer Parent
"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken to everything in the universe."   John Muir, Naturalist.

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