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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are parents required to attend an Open House? Parents are strongly encouraged to attend an Open House but, as we have applicants who are not in New York at the time of the application, attendance is not required.

When are parents allowed to visit the school?

When applicant students are visiting Speyer for their onsite assessment, parents will be invited to tour the school and observe a classroom in action.

How are ERB results used in admission decisions? The profile of subtest scores is carefully studied and the accompanying narrative is read thoughtfully.  When predicting a good fit between a student and the Speyer curriculum, the profile of individual subtest scores is the most useful aspect of the ERB.  The composite scores for verbal, performance and full scale scores are less useful. Although ERB scores are just one component of a child's profile, most successful applicants score in the highest percentages on this test.

Do you accept results from the Stanford-Binet: Fifth Edition or the scores from the NYC DOE gifted and talented testing program? While we do not accept these scores in place of the ERB, we will add them to a candidate's file. We have found them of limited use to help predict a good match between a candidate and our program.

Do  you have a Birthdate cut-off? Your child should be turning 5 no later than Sept. 1, 2014 in order to apply for placement in our 2014/15 Kindergarten. Your child should be turning 6 no later than September 1, 2014 to apply for our First Grade.

Do you have a sibling policy? The Speyer Legacy School is eager to support families who apply to our school for siblings.  The notification dates and reply dates for siblings are earlier than for other applicants. However, each applicant is evaluated according to the same criteria and all applicants are admitted based upon their likelihood of thriving in our unique program.  Acceptances are offered only to qualified candidates.

Can I get feedback on my child’s application?  We are unable to share information on your child’s application or placement decision. We consider many factors when building our incoming classes and take significant care in the way we go about evaluating the fit of each child and family into The Speyer Legacy School, but cannot share details of any individual’s file.

Are Letters of Recommendation helpful?  No. We do not require nor encourage letters of recommendation. Our existing application process is very comprehensive and gives us the information necessary for making placement decisions.







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