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School Life

A glimpse of school life may be captured on the sidewalk in front of the building at arrival or dismissal.   You will see eager, energized children hurry down the sidewalk, some of them flinging themselves into the waiting arms of the Leadership Team and other administrators.  Busy parents grab those last precious hugs from the little ones or make sure the older ones, with noses in books, take their belongings. Parents and little siblings gather in clutches exchanging pleasantries and planning play dates or shared transportation.  As students convene in the lobby, there is a buzz of excited conversation, interspersed with community singing of class favorites,  until we have a quorum and the classes begin the climb to the classrooms. The ritual is repeated in reverse at the end of the day. This is a community that values each member and celebrates and participates in the adventure of building a new school.

As a new educational endeavor in which all members are deeply invested in creating and growing our school community,  school life  at Speyer Legacy is rich, varied and busy.  Classroom teachers collaborate with adjunct instructors, who collaborate with parent representatives from our newly formed Parents Association, working closely alongside the Leadership Team and administration.

We are daily in the process of creating our unique school culture not only in the classrooms but throughout the school. Actively and collaboratively, this unique school culture is taking shape using the building blocks of All School Events, All School Assignments, Service Projects and Community Awareness.  It is our shared intent to establish a school-wide fellowship of scholars who embrace active dynamic learning as a way of life. 

In addition to the daily exchange of greetings, and quick information that may have an impact on one of our scholars, we provide opportunities for open communication through monthly "Coffee with the Leadership Team" meetings, monthly class newsletters, weekly updates and frequent email messages from our Leadership Team and faculty.

Our Parents' Association looks to  our community-minded parents to: participate in activities that foster community spirit,  help make parents feel welcome and connected to each other - and the school - and,  work alongside our Leadership team as we continue to build our school.  

Walk into one of our classrooms and you will see students, teachers,  and perhaps an adjunct or parent volunteer, all engaged in the activity of the moment.  It is likely that one of the Leadership Team may pass through, taking the pulse of the day before returning to the business of running and developing a school.  At The Speyer Legacy School, we treat each day as a unique, irretrievable opportunity to live together and to  learn more about our individual and collective strengths and potential contibutions to one another and to our larger community.  While we recognize and support the reality that one function of school is to prepare students for a meaningful, productive life in the future, we are passionately committed to the additional reality that the lives they are living each day are of infinite value for their own sake, and are to be cherished.  School life happens now, each and every day!  Read on to learn more about it unfolds here.

"There are few things more satisfying to us than knowing when we've done well by our children. We thank you for making that feeling a regular occurence that begins for us each weekday morning and lasts through pickup and beyond."  Speyer Parent
"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken to everything in the universe."   John Muir, Naturalist.

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