Speyer's story, as told by our Founding Co-Educator, Ms. Connie Burton

Once upon a time...
Down south, where the air is warm and bright, lived a little girl who loved to line up her dolls and stuffies and teach them all kinds of interesting things. She loved learning and spent countless hours reading the family encyclopedias. She also loved to sing and sang all the time. Once grown up, she left for New York to sing. She wandered into a classroom full of little thinkers who loved to learn and could not get enough. She was hooked.

Meanwhile, south of the border, a little girl, tiny for her age, kept her days busy playing and reading. She married young. One day her husband proposed they move elsewhere. “But where?” she asked him. “How about New York!” he said. They arrived in the Big Apple with only a few suitcases and boxes full of books. Her broken English needed to be perfected. Just as she was set to start her studies at Teachers College, she found a preschool, knocked on the door and…

Eventually, a new strand began to weave itself into our story. Parents who wanted the best possible school for their children searched many wonderful schools but did not find the onethe one that would fit their child. “No school exists for us. Let’s create one,” they thought. They asked two teachers to join them in creating a school for children who have an endless love of learning.

Thus, The Speyer Legacy School was born. We were there at the birth, and glow with pride as our young school grows and strides into the future.

SpeYER's Founding Co-Educators, Dr. Esther Kogan (left) and Connie Burton