Mission and Core Values

Our Mission:

At The Speyer Legacy School, students are inspired to be intellectually curious and passionate. They realize their full potential as accelerated learners in a collaborative community that is committed to ethical values and action. Speyer students learn with like-minded classmates and are guided by academically fearless teachers who share and nourish their enthusiasm for knowledge and inquiry.

Our Core Values:

The pedagogy is designed to meet the needs of learners through an accelerated and enriched curriculum addressing the mind, body and heart of each child. Students will find membership in a school community that places value on the following principles:

  • the nurturing of scholarship as well as social and emotional development
  • cultivation of both intellect and integrity
  • encouragement to develop reflective and analytical thinking skills to the highest level
  • individual emphasis on physical well-being and personal health

Central to Speyer's mission is the appreciation for innovation, differentiation, and the unknown. The Speyer Legacy School is committed to maintaining the following in its approach and curriculum:

  • an interdisciplinary curriculum
  • a fearless faculty that responds to students' inquiry
  • a limitless learning environment

Students will enter The Speyer Legacy School with a wide range of interests, strengths, challenges and perspectives. It is our goal that they will leave more confident and developed in their individuality, with the ability to engage in real-world challenges while respecting diverse communities.