Welcome to The Speyer Legacy School,

Thank you for visiting our website. We are delighted to provide you with an informative look at Speyer. In these pages, you will get a glimpse of the intellectual achievements as well as the social and emotional life of accelerated learners at Speyer. Our students thrive in an environment that nourishes the life of the mind and the spirit of the heart. You will quickly see that learning takes place everywhere in our school—in classrooms that feature two master teachers per class in the Lower School, on the “Boulevard,” in the hallways, in the Makers’ Lab, and in every nook where students can find a place to settle comfortably with a book or engage in lively conversation with each other.

As a school community, we have grown from a two-room startup in 2009 to a K-8 school with over 300 students and more than 50 talented and fearless faculty, administrators, and members of our staff. Our teachers are fiercely committed to engaging intellectual inquiry, and our students demonstrate how exciting it is to learn something new every day.

At The Speyer Legacy School, we work hard to realize the vision created in 1936 with the establishment of The Speyer School for intellectually gifted students. We have created an environment in which questions come about as often as answers are provided. Our children acquire knowledge and master concepts deeply, broadly, and frequently at a breathtaking pace, and our faculty creates an accelerated and rich curriculum designed to stretch the minds of eager and enthusiastic learners. Children who attend Speyer are encouraged to cultivate a range of higher-level cognitive skills and meaningful relationships with intellectually compatible peers under the guidance of strong and caring teachers who are also creative learners. Like Leta Hollingworth, whose early work informs our mission and practice, we believe that gifted children benefit from meaningful interactions with their peers, and our focus on collaborative and project-based learning helps us realize this vision. Our students are active participants in the learning process.

We invite you to explore our approach and our programs. We are eager to tell you the Speyer story and show you, first-hand, how children thrive in our school. Please explore the images, text, and videos on our site and visit Admissions to schedule a visit to an Open House.

With best wishes,

Dr. Barbara L. Tischler

Head of School

Meet the Leadership Team

Dr. Barbara L. Tischler
Head of School

Michelle Cristella
Head of Middle School

Lemor Balter
Interim Assistant Head of Lower School

Paul Deards
Deputy Head of School