The Speyer Legacy School seeks to provide a rich curriculum that challenges, engages, and leads to new lines of inquiry.

The learning environment at Speyer blends accelerated and enriched academics with a strong emphasis on enhancing the social and emotional well-being of students. In every Speyer classroom, teachers model and cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, confidence, determination, flexibility, resilience, humor, and appropriate risk-taking.

Inspired by Dr. Hollingworth's original research and informed by the best practices of today, Speyer's curriculum is calibrated to the intellectual abilities of the students and tailored by the faculty in response to their interests. We remove artificial ceilings to learning, allowing the joy of energetic and fearless inquiry to fill the classrooms and hallways of our school.

Speyer is truly unique in featuring debate and public speaking as a core class for all students through Lower and Middle School, as well as its integration of debate into all classroom curriculum. Speyer runs a competitive Debate Team for Middle School students, recently having won the 2016 New York State UDL Debate Championships.