At Speyer, our students and their teachers are curious, energetic, and wonderfully driven — not just to know facts, but to understand and to question. The most common question heard on the Boulevard — asked by both our students to our teachers and vice versa — is “Why?”.

Students come to Speyer with myriad talents, at times performing at intellectual levels unexpected for their age, and our fearless faculty’s goal is to nourish their love of learning. At the same time, we believe that the best environment for accelerated learners is one that nurtures both their academic and emotional development.

We focus each element of our curriculum not just on how they learn, but who they are.

In each academic discipline, there is innovation and differentiation, encouraging students to develop critical and analytical thinking skills to their own individual highest level. In every Speyer classroom, teachers model and cultivate collaboration, confidence, flexibility, resilience, humor, and appropriate risk-taking – cultivating personal traits and work habits associated with lifelong achievement and personal fulfillment, all while encouraging children to be children.

Integrating the pursuit of knowledge and integrity into  a deep emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and cross-curricular, project-based learning, Speyer’s curriculum allows the joy of energetic and fearless inquiry — the ever-present “Why?” — to fill the classrooms and hallways of our school.