Chess is a core academic subject starting in Kindergarten, and instruction continues through fourth grade. Speyer’s chess program is designed to foster higher level thinking skills such as pattern recognition, spatial visualization, analysis, strategic planning, and problem solving.

Supported by master teachers, students learn not only how to think ahead and strategize, but also how to work toward goals and to win and lose with grace — essential life skills that extend well beyond the chess board.

The chess program accommodates both the beginning player as well as those aspiring grand masters. Speyer has many Lower and Middle School students who attend local tournaments, and the Speyer Chess Team successfully competes at the local and national level.

Below are some of the amazing results Speyer Chess has at national tournaments. We also have won championships at the city and state levels and have students who compete individually at world chess events. In 2018, Speyer's K-6 team won the trifecta of championships and was crowned the city, state, and national champions.



2013 National 5th Grade Championship

2014 National 5th Grade Championship

2014 National 6th Grade Championship

2014 National Elementary K-5 Championship

2014 All Girls National Championship (Under 10)

2015 National K-1 Championship

2015 National Elementary K-5 Championship

2016 National K-3 Championship 

2017 National K-8 Championship

2018 National K-6 Championship


2013 Kindergarten -- Third Place

2014 1st Grade -- Second Place 

2014 K-1 -- Fifth Place 

2015 2nd Grade -- Second Place 

2017 K-3 -- Second Place 

2018 K-1 -- Fourth Place