Creative Arts

Art Studio

Art instruction is a synergy of creative collaboration between our art instructor and our classroom teachers. Their thoughtful communication brings the curriculum to life through a range of related experiences that support historical studies under investigation in the classrooms. Regular visits to a range of museums around the city further enhance an appreciation for the role art plays in making meaning in ways that transcend spoken language. Such field studies foster connections between the studio and the broader world of artistic experience.


The dance program at Speyer is provided by teaching artists from the National Dance Institute (NDI), an internationally-recognized arts education organization that was founded in 1976 by Jacques d’Amboise. All Lower School students participate in this program.

The NDI program provides a comprehensive experience of the art form, giving every student the opportunity to move to live music, develop coordination, spatial awareness and movement skills, and perform as unique individuals within an ensemble. Through a sequential curriculum and an annual theme that propels dancing and learning, we empower the bodies and minds of all students.


Our Lower School Music Program focuses on vocal technique and the proper use of the voice, as well as singing in two and three part harmony. Choral performances are held throughout the year, and collaborations with classroom teachers who desire music to support their History and Humanities curriculum are frequent.

Using Boomwhackers and Xylophones to explore musical concepts through interactive games and exercises, students also immerse themselves in the fundamental elements of music: Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony, Dynamics, Meter, and more.