Physical Education

We believe that physical education is a critical part of each students development; we prioritize active time for every student, every day.

Speyer's Physical Education Program is designed to provide students with a safe, educational experience in a fun and challenging environment. Fitness skills, which include muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination, are taught through a myriad of activities.

Strong character is important in physical movement, so life skills such as patience, self control, self-esteem and working with others are taught through cooperative team activities. Students are tasked to design, plan and execute movement and fitness concepts, as well as cooperate with each other to develop strategies during competitive games.

Quality physical education programs provide learning experiences that meet children’s developmental needs, which in turn improve mental alertness, academic performance readiness and enthusiasm for learning. In such an environment one learns positive competition, respect for others, and the satisfaction of doing one's best.

At the Lower School level, students are taught basic sport specific motor and manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, and creative movement. We strive to build a solid foundation which encourages students to become familiar and comfortable with various movement concepts.