Creative Arts

Art studio

At Speyer, Art transcends the four corners of the art studio. Through interdisciplinary studies, museum trips, and project based learning, Art is used as a driving force to integrate other subject matter while creating meaningful and engaging lessons that provide students with an appreciation for art history and strategies to develop various art-making skills.

Throughout the year students are exposed to hands-on methods such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, collage, and weaving. Art at Speyer empowers students to make creative and thoughtful decisions while developing critical thinking methods, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.


Our Performance Program features a Middle School Rock Band, Choral Ensembles, and Recitals by grade for students who study an instrument outside of school.

In addition, Speyer's Middle School students analyze works from periods in music history ranging from Baroque to contemporary classical and current popular music, enabling an understanding of theoretical concepts which they then use to create their own compositions.

Students work with laptop computers and Garage Band, a multi-track recording program, which allows them to create original compositions on multiple virtual instruments.