How to Apply to Middle School

Speyer is a community of collaboration and kindness, with a consistent emphasis on social and emotional development as critical components of optimal health and intellectual engagement.

We take great care to get to know each applicant child as comprehensively as possible in order to ensure that all accepted students thrive in our educational environment and contribute to our vibrant classrooms. We accept students who bring with them a range of personalities, interests, and backgrounds. We also seek students who are academically motivated, effective collaborators who share an innate love of learning.

Applying to Grades 5 - 7

The number of spaces available in grades 5–7 varies from year to year. All successful candidates should begin the process with strong academic records and/or test scores.

Below is a list of steps in suggested order. Click each step to read more details.

Register to Attend a Middle School Tour

To register, go to Ravenna and create an account. Make sure to create your account using an email address you will have access to throughout the admission season, as this will be your primary email contact with our school. Parents will have an opportunity to tour Speyer and experience our school in action.

Complete and Submit an Application

Please submit your application through Ravenna. A photograph of your child and payment of $75 is due at the time of application.

For questions regarding Ravenna, please contact their customer care services.

Application Fee Waivers – Please note, application fee waivers are available only for applicants from the following programs: A Better Chance (ABC), the Boys Club of New York, Early Steps, and Prep for Prep.

Submit Supplemental Scores, Records, and Forms

A copy of an independent test, taken within the past year, is required as part of the application. The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) can be scheduled at or by calling (800) 446-0320. Alternatively, a copy of the most recent year’s NYC ELA and Math test scores will be accepted.

Speyer uses Ravenna Solutions to manage all supplemental admissions materials including the teacher evaluation form for applicants in grades 5-7.

A copy of our School Records Authorization Form is available on Ravenna. Please give this form to your child’s current school to send all report cards and school records for your child directly to the Speyer Admissions Office.

A copy of schoolwork you would consider to be representative of your child’s "best effort," including teacher comments (if possible), must also be uploaded to your Ravenna application.

Child’s Onsite Visit and Parent Tour/Conversation

The onsite visit and tour take place on the same day. Depending on the grade to which your child is applying, the length of the visit varies from 2 to 3.5 hours. While the children are enjoying their visit, which includes a 30-minute interview with a member of the Admissions Team, math and literacy assessments as well as a variety of activities designed to replicate a typical Speyer day, accompanying parents take a tour of the school, including classroom visits.

Parent conversations provide an opportunity for an applicant child’s parents to speak with a member of our admissions team about their child and educational expectations. These conversations are scheduled for 30 minutes on a day separate from the onsite visit.

Financial Aid Application (if applicable)

To apply for aid, parents must complete an application with School and Student Services (SSS) at no later than January 8, 2020, after submitting their Speyer application. An affiliate of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), SSS is a nationwide service that assists independent schools in processing requests for financial assistance.

Early Decision for Siblings and Legacy Applicants

Speyer offers an early decision option to the siblings of currently enrolled students, as well as to children of school staff and faculty. Families who are eligible for early decision should contact the Admissions office in the summer or early September of the application year, and must follow all early decision deadlines. It is important that you follow the dates outlined below:

  • October 15  - All early decision applications must be submitted by midnight

  • November 29 - All other components of the applicant child’s file must be completed, including onsite visit, school records, teacher evaluations, test scores (for grades 1-6) and parent conversation

  • November 29 - If applying for financial aid, please complete the SSS Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at along with all required documentation by midnight

  • December 4 - Early decisions are sent out

As a community-minded school, we appreciate the support and commitment that sibling families have to deepening their ties to Speyer. However, please be aware that all siblings, and other early decision candidates, are evaluated individually using the same criteria as regular applicant children to determine their fit within our educational environment.

The Speyer Legacy School does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, age or sexual orientation in selecting its students, faculty or staff. While law requires inclusion of the above declaration, the position it states is foundational to the philosophy that guides our community and to the policies that naturally derive from that philosophy. We strive to promote in our community not only tolerance for the differences amongst us, but also a deep and abiding appreciation for the depth and richness those differences contribute to our school culture.


To register for a tour or open house, please create an account on Ravenna Hub. Please note, in order to properly register for a tour you must select that you are applying for the fall of 2020 on your Ravenna dashboard and select to "Explore" Speyer in the school directory.


Application Deadline: December 6, 2019

Supplemental Forms Due: January 8, 2020

Financial Aid Application (if applicable) Due: January 8, 2020 

Admissions Decisions for Kindergarten Applicants Released: February 7, 2020

Admissions Decisions for Grades 1-8 Released: February 4, 2020