Secondary School Placement

The role of our Secondary School Placement Office is multidimensional. Externally, we work to identify the best possible matched schools where our students’ learning styles and passions will be fueled and challenged. In like manner, we invest in networking and relationship building with those schools, inviting them in so that they begin to develop an acute understanding of the Speyer classroom, culture, and student. Internally, we work together with our families and faculty to identify distinct best-fit high school options, and to guide each candidate family through the application process.

Our process begins in fifth grade. Throughout Middle School, we incorporate test-taking strategies as well as personal essay writing skills into our curriculum. In the Fall semester of seventh grade, we begin to introduce parents and students to prospective high school admissions personnel and procedures, and provide presentations for both parents and students to understand the application process through the Winter. Students work closely with the Placement Director and faculty to focus on essay writing and interview skills. All families will receive an extensive list of prospective high schools at the end of the school year.  During the fall and winter of 8th grade, families meet regularly with our Director of Secondary School Placement to address concerns and questions regarding the process.

We understand high schools are looking for students who can manage their time wisely, have strong critical thinking skills, handle an exceptional core foundation, and develop the ability to master concepts. Our goal is to encourage our students to identify schools where they will cultivate both their intellect and emotions equally, while contributing to the rich history and success of those institutions. We aim to present each prospective school with a complete and comprehensive picture of our applicants, as we support and advocate for each of our families as they come to understand what is required and expected of them.  

Secondary Placement Graphic