Tuition includes lunch, books, and most field trips. Families will be responsible for individual supplies and some class trips as well as other ancillary costs. For the Lower School, additional fees are due should your child participate in afterschool activities through Program BLUE.

Tuition for Middle School includes the option for students to participate in after-school clubs and teams until 4:45 PM.

Speyer seeks to build an intellectually vibrant and collaborative community that reflects the socioeconomic diversity of New York City. Tuition assistance grants range from partial to almost full tuition. Each year Speyer has distributed over $3 million in financial aid.

K-8: $48,400

Aid Application Process

To apply for aid, parents must complete an application with School and Student Services (SSS) at no later than January 8, 2020, after submitting their Speyer application. An affiliate of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), SSS is a nationwide service that assists independent schools in processing requests for financial assistance.

At the conclusion of the SSS process, both Speyer and the applicant family are provided with a summary of the calculated income available for each child’s education. Please review this number carefully as it is generally used as the basis from which tuition assistance offers are made. Most tuition assistance offers for accepted applicants are at or below this figure. Only in unique circumstances might you expect more. If you believe that the SSS number does not accurately reflect your financial situation we recommend that you submit an additional letter to the Admissions Office describing any and all extenuating circumstances, and include specific supporting documentation and details.

Families must reapply for aid each year by completing the SSS application process. Tuition assistance will be renewed each year according to ongoing demonstrated need. If a family’s financial situation remains similar from one year to the next, a similar level of tuition assistance is likely to be awarded.


To register for a tour or open house, please create an account on Ravenna Hub. Please note, in order to properly register for a tour you must select that you are applying for the fall of 2020 on your Ravenna dashboard and select to "Explore" Speyer in the school directory.


Application Deadline: December 6, 2019

Supplemental Forms Due: January 8, 2020

Financial Aid Application (if applicable) Due: January 8, 2020 

Admissions Decisions for Kindergarten Applicants Released: February 7, 2020

Admissions Decisions for Grades 1-8 Released: February 4, 2020