What’s the Speyer Amazon Link?

When shopping on Amazon - for anything and everything - please use this special AMAZON SPEYER LINK to enter Amazon and make your purchases. The Speyer PA earns 4.5% of the value of all purchases made when using this link. This revenue helps support great events for the Speyer community, including community service events, the annual skating party, and teacher appreciation events.

It's easy to permanently make the AMAZON SPEYER LINK your default Amazon start page - just follow these directions:

  • START with http://www.amazon.com/?tag=speyer-20

  • Bookmark it as your start page. It is an embedded referral code.

  • ALWAYS access Amazon through this bookmarked page.

  • You will not notice anything about the transaction, but it will generate 4.5% on your pre-tax purchase amount to the PA directly. You will not receive any extraneous emails or communication.

  • Shop and pay as you normally would. You will notice nothing different about the home page or your transaction versus other times you have used Amazon.

Please note that this link is NOT THE SAME as the Amazon Smile program. If, when you are using this link, the Amazon Smile window happens to pop up on your screen at some point, please say "no" to using that program and just make your purchases as you normally do. SMILE is a completely different program, managed by Amazon itself, which gives only 0.5% (note the decimal -- 1/2 of 1%) to non-profit organizations and has nothing to do with our referral-based program.

Thank you for supporting Speyer!