Parents Association

Speyer has an extremely active and energetic Parents Association dedicated to building a sense of inclusion and community.

The guiding purpose of the PA is to support the leadership of the School and to foster and maintain a sense of respect and fellowship. By sponsoring an array of school-wide programs and events, the PA strives to enrich Speyer as a whole.

Every parent at Speyer is invited to be a part of the PA, and there are numerous opportunities for parents to donate their unique expertise and skills. Run entirely by parent volunteers, the PA provides a variety of engaging and enjoyable community-wide activities throughout the year. The Speyer PA is comprised of six standing committees. Committee meetings are open to any interested parent.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact

Community Service

Sponsors a range of events and initiatives that provide Speyer students and their families with opportunities to make a difference in our community and our world.

Events Committee

Organizes social, cultural, and community building events including parent and family outings, cultural and social events, a monthly breakfast and speaker series, the annual Family Skating Party, and much more.

Green Committee

Promote sustainability initiatives throughout the Speyer community, including the school, students, teachers, and parents. Organize fall and spring camping trips to connect the Speyer community with the outdoors.

BOOK FAIR Committee

Provides ongoing support for Library operations, runs the Annual Book Fair, and partners with faculty and staff to nurture our community's commitment to books and reading.

Speyer Store

Operates the Speyer Store, which brings Speyer-themed clothing and accessories to our community to promote school spirit, pride, and awareness.

Kaleidoscope Committee

Works to encourage all Speyer students, parents, and families, regardless of geography or economic means, and especially, but not limited to, families of color, LGBT families, families with disabilities and families with primary languages other than English, to build and sustain friendships with other Speyer families and to fully participate in the Speyer community.

2019-20 PA Executive Committee

Courtenay Harry

Jessica Gerstle

Danielle Daria

Victoria Kulikov

Michael Nelson
Co-Treasurer for Revenue and Special Projects

Anne Cochran
Lower School Class Representative Coordinator

Kim Masibay
Middle School Class Representative Coordinator 

2019-20 PA Committee Chairs

Tiffany Boydell and Jordan Blackman
Community Service Committee

Lia Blake and Vanessa Yen Furrow
Events Committee

Jay Simpson
Green Committee

Shanti Ifill and Cordelia Lawton
Kaleidoscope Committee

Zac Jaffee and Roopakshi Mathur
Book Fair Committee

Lori Funk and Ethan David Kent
Speyer Store

Yuri Krupp and Steve Kim
Amazon Associate’s Account Managers


PA Meeting 2019-2020 Dates

PA meetings are held monthly and provide an opportunity for parents to learn about school news and events, hear from school administrators and faculty, and to come together as a community. All meetings will take place in the Dining Hall at 8:30 AM.  

Friday, September 6
Wednesday, October 2
Wednesday, November 13
Wednesday, December 4
Wednesday, January 15
Wednesday, February 12
Wednesday, March 4
Wednesday, April 8
Wednesday, May 13

How to Support the Speyer PA