I am so glad to share information about The Speyer Legacy School on our website. As New York City’s only independent school that serves gifted learners, I hope that you will find out more about what Speyer has to offer your child. Our students thrive in a setting where like-minded peers engage in projects that range from technology discoveries in the Makers’ Lab to discussions about the origins of humanity.

In addition to our accelerated, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes art, music, physical education, and Spanish, we offer chess and debate beginning in Kindergarten. We are also the only independent school that has a partnership with the National Dance Institute, and we have a financial literacy program starting in middle school that introduces our students to all aspects of financial responsibility, including the fundamentals of investment for philanthropic as well as individual gains. Unique opportunities like these foster critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills, resilience, and other key components paramount for our children to thrive in the 21st century.

Our community also includes hard-working teachers and administrators dedicated to creating an environment where children are challenged to stretch themselves, learn from mistakes, and interact with other intellectually-advanced children in pursuit of higher-level scholarship. Further, faculty members endeavor to create metacognition and emotional self-awareness: can a student learn how she or he best processes information in the pursuit of knowledge while also registering how he or she feels when meeting with success and encountering obstacles? In pursuit of these objectives, Speyer staff members partner with parents to help ensure we meet each child’s individual needs. The home-school partnership is a hallmark of the strong sense of community one encounters upon crossing the Speyer threshold.

I hope these attributes – and many more – are readily apparent as you learn more about Speyer. Please schedule an appointment to come visit! You’ll witness first-hand our teachers and students interacting and gain a stronger sense as to why The Speyer Legacy School is a great setting for your child and your family.

Larry Donovan
Head of School