Tackling Timely Topics: Speyer's Financial Literacy Curriculum Takes Over the Boulevard

Talk of advertising claims, the impact of geopolitical issues on the economy, and wage estimates floated about the Boulevard as the Middle Schoolers welcomed professionals from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) during the first of their three visits to Speyer, as part of our financial literacy curriculum. Taking a break from their usual morning schedule, each grade explored various financial topics. Click through to read all of the details of this spirited session!

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Speyer's Kindergarten Welcomes Breads, Spreads...and Best-Selling Author Todd Parr!

What do you get when you take delicious breads and yummy spreads, add some cultural heritage, and mix it all together? Why, Speyer’s annual Breads and Spreads extravaganza! Yes, Kindergarten students and their families were asked to bring a bread and/or spread that is special to their family to share with the community. They welcomed their families to Speyer…as well as author Todd Parr!

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Fifth and Sixth Grade Embark on A "Wonder-full" Assignment

Your mission is to wonder.

The fifth and sixth grade Science Summer assignment started with those five words. Middle School Science teacher Kimberly Schwab set forth this challenge to her students over the summer break, encouraging them to wonder about what they encounter in the natural world, leaving what to wonder about and how to document their wonderings up to the students.  Read on to discover what they wondered about and how they shared them!

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Eighth Grade Assignment: Translating Jefferson's Declaration!

How do we know what Thomas Jefferson meant in his famous 1776 "Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America" and what do we think George III and Parliament thought about it? Just ask a Speyer eighth grade writing student! The eighth graders and their writing teacher, Head of School Dr. Tischler, spent some time deciphering Jefferson's complicated grammar (Which truths are self-evident anyway?) and discussing this important piece of writing. Dr. Tischler then challenged the students to write their own versions of this revolutionary document. 

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