In recent months, Speyer's Math-letes competed in not one, not two, but THREE competitions on the city, state, and national levels. When you take Speyer students and add to that teamwork plus math skills, we all know that equals some impressive results!

Girls Adventures in Math (GAIM)
About 45 teams from schools all around NYC invaded at Speyer on a Friday afternoon for Girls Adventures in Math, which is an afternoon of fun, themed math competitions and strategy-based games for upper elementary and middle school girls. Speyer served as host school for the third year in a row.

Speyer had two teams in each division: Stella N., Maya D-R., Mia T., and Binah F. worked as one team, and Caroline K., Elisabeth N., Brynn M., and Millie B. were Speyer's other team for the Middle School Division. For the Upper Elementary Division, Kira L., Sophie G-N., Chloe N., and Tali B-Y. were one team, and Madeleine J., Gemma L., Alexa M., and Jacqueline H. represented Speyer as the other team!

As for how we did, the formal results will not be out until May 6, but we do know that Speyer's Middle School team of Stella, Maya, Mia, and Binah scored second in their division, while the team of Kira, Sophie, Chloe, and Tali placed third for the Upper Elementary division!

New York Math League
In February, the Math Team competed in three of the New York Math League's annual contests. Our sixth grade team finished second in the state, out of 71 participating schools!
Individually, Jake R finished second in the state individually, and tied for first in the city. Other top-30 finishers were Binah F., Mia T., and Kyler R. Our seventh and eighth grade Math-letes also captured some individual honors. Seventh graders Thomas B. and Eugene Y. finished in the top 30 statewide, as did eighth grader James L.
American Mathematics Competition

Also in February, several members of the math team competed in the 10th-grade American Mathematics Competition (AMC10). The American Math Competition (AMC) is a national math competition. It's given in three levels: AMC8 (open to 8th graders and below), AMC10 (10th graders and below), and AMC12 (you get the idea).
Speyer fifth grader Rohan S. took the AMC8 this year, scoring above the 99th percentile, well enough to place onto that test's "achievement roll." He also took the AMC10, scoring in the 97.8th percentile of all test takers (most of whom are ninth and tenth graders)! That score was enough to qualify him for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AMIE), an "invitation only" math contest, which he took over Speyer's spring break.  
It's considered an honor to qualify for the AIME at any point in high school. It is rare for a middle-schooler to qualify! Way to go, Rohan!!
Huge congrats to all of Speyer's Math-letes!