Lower School Faculty Learn to Start with WHY?

Spotted on the Boulevard during orientation: Lower School faculty writing words in circles.

Perhaps a little odd, but it was all part of their first Lower Division Meeting! To kick off the new school year, they examined and explored Simon Sinek's TED Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action! 

Led by new Head of Lower School Ms. Behradnia, the meeting began with a discussion about Sinek's book Start With WHY. Then, each faculty member created his or her own Golden Circle. To create a Golden Circle, you start with the Why circle in the center, then the How is the next circle, then the What is the third outer circle. The key takeaway from his book and TED Talk is when we start from the inside out – with the WHY – we are more inspired! 

This was only the first of many meetings and faculty peer work that took place before the school year began. Another example of our fearless faculty constantly learning and questioning – just like their students!