Speyer Fifth Graders meet Author Veera Hiranandani!


Spotted on the Boulevard, well, actually in Speyer’s library: author of The Night Diary Veera Hiranandani talking with our fifth graders. Reading the book was part of the fifth grade summer assignment, and having the author here to discuss her inspiration and writing process was a unique opportunity for our students.

A poignant and hopeful tale of India’s partition, The Night Diary follows 12-year-old Nisha, as she writes in her journal each night to her late Muslim mother and documents the changes brought about by India’s independence from Britain in 1947, and the aftermath of its separation into two countries: Pakistan and India. Nisha lives with her Hindu father, twin brother, paternal grandmother, and a cook, and it follows her story of becoming a refugee, fleeing what is now Pakistan to reach a new home. 

During her visit, Ms. Hiranandani told the students of her own father’s journey fleeing his family home during the partition and shared photos from that time that depicted the turbulence surrounding India’s independence and the plight of refugees. 

Thoroughly engaged throughout, our fifth graders came prepared with thoughtful and insightful questions…and even had suggestions for a sequel! 

Speyer School