Fearless Faculty Become Blended Learning Students

As the school year came to a close last June, Speyer’s Inaugural Summer Blended Learning Institute opened! Available to fourth grade teachers and Middle School Teachers, the Institute helps educators explore the possibilities of using Blended Learning in their classrooms. Helping teachers meet all of their students "where they are at," Blended Learning is a way of managing a classroom or cohort that incorporates breakout groups, asynchronous communication and digital tools, and allows for some student control over time, place, path, or pace.

Speyer’s faculty attendees were joined by Tiffany Wycoff, the Blended Learning guru (read some of her work here), to help them rethink how they manage their classrooms. Speyer’s in-house instructors were Jo Beckwith, Michelle Cristella, Christine Durso, Jennifer Davenport, and Maria Jose Penahererra. The first annual institute was a huge success, with many ideas and tools shared at orientation and put into use already this school year.