Speyer Math-letes "Spring" Into Top Awards at State MATHCOUNTS and Girls Adventures in Math

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, flower buds are blooming…and Speyer Math-letes are emerging as champions once again! We have a full round-up of the latest math competitions where Speyer’s MATHCOUNTS team and our Girls Adventures in Math (GAiM) teams amazed us and other teams from around the city and state!

After dominating the city MATHCOUNT tournament, Speyer’s MATHCOUNTS Team – Jake R., Rohan S., Maya D-R, Thomas B. and Eugene Y.  – trekked to the state competition in early March. They were one of 59 teams to compete in one of the hardest math tournaments around. The results: Speyer finished sixth overall and was the highest-ranking team among all independent schools in New York State!  This was a truly incredible team not only in terms of their math ability, but in the way they supported and celebrated each other all year long!

Huge high-fives to the Speyer MATHCOUNTS team and to our incomparable coaches: Mr. Jameson, Mr. Chung and Ruvim Breydo! 

Girls Adventures in Math (GAiM)
This year, Girls Adventures in Math (GAiM) tournament, held at Speyer, had 49 teams from 28 different schools. There were two divisions: Elementary (grades 3-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8). Speyer had two teams participate out of 17 Elementary teams – and both teams medaled for that division, meaning they placed in the top 6! For the Middle School division, Speyer also had two teams participate out of 32 teams, and one of our teams medalled, making the top 10! 

Huge shout-out to ALL of our Speyer GAiM mathletes and our fearless coaches: Ms. Doosey, Mr. Brea, Mr. Jameson, and Neot Doron-Repa!

GAiM Participants 

Team 1 Elementary Division (Medal)
Zadie S. (4)
Gemma L. (4)
Jacqueline H. (4)
Alexa M. (4) 

Team 2 Elementary Division (Medal)
Lorelei S. (4)
Raina M. (3)
Molly G. (4)
Mira G. (5)

 Team 1 Middle School Division
Sophie G-N (6)
Annika J. (7)
Brynn M. (7) 
Caitlin M. (7) 

Team 2 Middle School Division (Medal)
Medha P. (7)
Binah F. (7) 
Stella N. (8) 
Maya D-R. (8)