City Champions + State Champions + National Champions = a trifecta of Speyer Chess Championships!

City Champions + State Champions + National Champions = a trifecta of championships!  Yes, Speyer’s K-6 Chess team ended the scholastic chess year as champions three times in a row! 

On May 9, Speyer Chess trekked to the  National Scholastic Elementary (K-6) Chess Championship in Nashville, TN.  The tournament hosted 700 schools from 43 states, and Speyer's team of 22 faced off in three sections (K-6, K-3, K-1) in a field of 2,200 players.

Not only did the K-6 team earn the National Champion title, they also won the National Blitz championship! Our K-3 team had an amazing weekend as well, coming in second place and earning the National Champions title in the K-3 Blitz! 

Huge shout-out to Speyer sixth grader James O., who tied for first place, becoming one of the 2019 National (co)Champions in K-6 section! 

Showing resilience, hard work, and dedication all year long, it's an amazing victory for all of our Speyer Chess team members. This couldn't have been done without the players' camaraderie and supportive parents and our dedicated coaches!

K-6 Championship: National Champions!

James O. (6  points of 7, tied for 1st Place as National Co-Champion!)

Brewington H. (5 points, tied for 9th place)

Ian N. (5 points, tied for 9th place)

Kiren N. (4.5 points)

Johji N. (4 points)

Marcus K.  (3.5 points)

Mark F.

Ripley G.

Max K.

Henry Z. 

K-6 Blitz: National Champions!

Kiren N. (10 of 12 points, 6th Place)

Brewington H.  (9.5 points, 10th Place)

Ian N. (8.5 points, 15th Place)

Mark F. (7 points)

Ripley G. 

K-3 Championship: 2nd Place Team!

Oliver B. (5 points of 7, tied for 13th place)

Jasper H. (4.5 points) 

Kulyan B. (3.5 points)

Jordy L. (3.5 points)

Seann D. 

Joshua G.  

Julian L. 

Eli B. 

K-3 Blitz: National Champions!

Oliver B. (9.5 of 12 points, 5th Place!)

Seann D. (9 points, 9th Place!)

Jasper H. (7.5 points)

Joshua G. 

Julian L.

 K-1 Championship: 

Lukas H.

Adil K.

Sophie R.

Theo H.

Again, what a way to wrap up the year! GO SPEYER!