Lower School and the National Dance Institute celebrate "Voices of Change"!

It’s one of our favorite annual end-of-year happenings! This week, the gym transformed into a performance space as our K-4 students celebrated the theme "Voices of Change" in their "Event of the Year" with National Dance Institute.  This event is a culmination of their year-long learning about activism, social justice, innovation, and togetherness.

The diverse show allowed our students to celebrate in dance form remarkable people! Kindergarteners and first graders danced about Sally Ride, Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, Billie Jean King and Marley Dias, while second graders dancing about young people from South Africa to New York City, who stood up for their rights and affected positive change.

Our third graders focused on new perspectives, including the perspectives of the remarkable Malala Yousafzai and the highly regarded Maya Angelou.  The fourth graders shared voices of change related to science, including sharing the breakthroughs of geneticist Barbara McClintock and the impact of young environmentalists Isabel and Metali Wijsen, who founded "Bye Bye Plastic Bags." 

Through song, dance, narration, and original artwork, the performances were a lively celebration of expression, highlighting the young and bold voices of Speyer! Huge shout out to our wonderful NDI teachers and musicians and our Lower School faculty!