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Speyer's Kindergarten Welcomes Breads, Spreads...and Best-Selling Author Todd Parr!

What do you get when you take delicious breads and yummy spreads, add some cultural heritage, and mix it all together? Why, Speyer’s annual Breads and Spreads extravaganza! Yes, Kindergarten students and their families were asked to bring a bread and/or spread that is special to their family to share with the community. They welcomed their families to Speyer…as well as author Todd Parr!

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A Week of Welcomes: Back to School Chats and Meet-and-Greets!

The Dining Hall was host to not one, not two, but three parent gatherings this week, all in the efforts to welcome parents back to school – and to welcome our new head of Lower School! First up was Head of School Dr. Barbara Tischler with her annual “Back-to-School Chat” on Tuesday morning, and on Thursday, Speyer parents had two opportunities to “meet and greet” the new Head of Lower School Ms. Shiva Behradnia.

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