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Noggin. Noodle. Grey Matter. No matter what you call it, Speyer celebrated Brain Awareness Week!

Speyer launched its first-ever celebration of Brain Awareness Week! Taking part in the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, different subject teachers came together in a collaborative effort to engage students to explore ways the brain processes information, how we can improve self-regulation, and and how exercise and mindful breathing play an important role in brain development. 

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Tic–Tac–Toe, Three Wins in a Row! Dragon Debate Team Sets A New School Record!

That’s right…three straight wins for the Dragon Debaters! Going head to head or should we says argument to argument with all of the top schools from New York and New Jersey, Speyer’s debate team trekked uptown to Hamilton Grange School…and, once again, everyone knew Speyer was not going to give away their shot to take the top prizes.

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