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Speyer Debate Dominates at Urban Debate League State Championship!

Our Dragon Debaters dominated the NYC Debate tournaments and took their stellar skills to the two-day Urban Debate League State Championship this past weekend. Having the greatest number of Parliamentary debaters who qualified to attend, Speyer was, once again, a force for other schools’ teams to contend with. We have all of the details and results from our Debate Coach Mr. Glasser! 

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Tic–Tac–Toe, Three Wins in a Row! Dragon Debate Team Sets A New School Record!

That’s right…three straight wins for the Dragon Debaters! Going head to head or should we says argument to argument with all of the top schools from New York and New Jersey, Speyer’s debate team trekked uptown to Hamilton Grange School…and, once again, everyone knew Speyer was not going to give away their shot to take the top prizes.

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Speyer Debate Continues to Take Top Spots Across The City!

Quick: state a few reasons to close Rikers Island. Now, come up with many to support it remaining open. Now, do the same exercise with the topic of safe injection sites or significantly increase funding for space exploration. This gives you a little glimpse into the life of a Speyer Debater. In two recent tournaments, the Speyer Debate Team took on teams from schools around the city and with all of the fabulous results, we have guest writer Debate Coach Mr. Glasser!

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