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Spotted on the Boulevard: Lockers Covered with Post-it Notes! Curious Minds Want to Know Why!

Spotted on the Boulevard: lockers covered with Post-it notes. A curious sight, for what’s the story here? We think it had something to do with our sixth grade’s latest literary studies of the YA novel Posted and the classic To Kill a Mockingbird. To find out the scoop, we went to Middle School Learning Specialist Ms. Goldstein!

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Spotted in the Library: Bestselling Authors Gordon Korman and Stephanie Calmanson!

Spotted in the library: two – count’em – two wonderful authors talking about their craft to Speyer students! Yes, Speyer welcomed authors Gordon Korman and Stephanie Calmanson as part of a large overview to discuss the writing process and the life of a writer with multiple grades! Click to read how they in-Speyered our students!

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