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Second Graders "Time Travel" to Explore Immigration During the Turn of the Century!

What was it like for immigrants coming to America at the turn of the century? What happened at Ellis Island? How did new immigrants live in our city in the late 1800s? Our second graders have been exploring these questions and more during their Immigration at the Turn of the Century unit. To further their study, they traveled to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side and “time-traveled” during a dramatic role-playing exercise at school! 

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Spotted Everywhere: Lower School Culminating Events Take Over Speyer!

A living museum featuring Manhatta and the people that first lived on this island: the Lenape. An interdisciplinary Literary Lollapalooza that explored all aspects of bringing a book from the brainstorming phase to a completed manuscript (and more). A cross-curricular celebration sharing discoveries about how and why the United States transitioned from loyal British subjects to revolutionaries and finally to the founders of a new nation. Parents of first, second and third graders were treated to all of these culminating events, showcasing these grades’ first semester unit of studies!

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