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Adjunct Curriculum

The rich academic experience of our students is regularly enhanced by the participation of a team of adjunct instructors. You may read about each of our dynamic experts in the Faculty and Staff Directory.


All students at Speyer Legacy School participate in a full curricular chess program specifically designed to foster higher-level thinking skills such as pattern recognition, spatial visualization, analysis, strategic planning and problem solving. Renowned chess coach, Sunil Weeramantry, designed a custom program for Speyer scholars that integrates technology and explores the history of chess, follows the development of its great masters and analyzes famous matches. He and his two assistant coaches, Jeremy  Scheinbach and Milos Skevic, implement a dynamic program with all students and support the further training of our chess team. A number of our scholars enjoy participation in chess tournaments being held around the city and we will send our first team to the Chess Nationals in December.

Optimal Health: Mind, Body & Spirit

Beyond wellness lies Optimal Health, a state of being that allows our students to fully exercise all their abilities in all areas of development, not just intellectual. It is our goal to familiarize our students with the range of systems that constitute good health and to explore with them the attitudes and practices that nurture and support their optimal health. Our curriculum addresses nutrition literacy, physical education and fitness, time management and stress management. Utilizing the gym space and nearby Central Park, the students have opportunities for physical activity through play, dance, fencing, group games and strength/stamina building activities. An additional component of the program is regular access to our 4-acre garden at The Speyer Legacy School Farm. There, the students have access to true hands-on engagement with the soil that sustains all life, and with the freshest of produce to supports optimal nutritional value. Plans are underway to collaborate with other neighborhood schools in the support of nutrition and agriculture education.


In addition to physical education, students participate in fencing classes to further coordinate the mind and body.  Taught by Fencing Champions from Fencers Club,  the sessions expose our students to the finer points of the sport that is called physical chess. 

The Fencers Club is the oldest and the most successful fencing club in the United States. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in fencing, academics, and character, we actively support a culture of sharing by performing community services that extends beyond fencing.

Fencing in the Schools is an initiative to promote physical fitness, academic success and emotional well being in students through fencing and mentoring. Fencers Club partners with a diverse group of schools to teach students fencing and offer them the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Using our extensive resources, we intend to inspire and instill a passion for learning and impart the importance of the discipline and determination that are necessary in any meaningful pursuit. 

Our scholar-athletes, who are passionate about fencing, coaching, inspiring and mentoring young students, will teach the classes. Any students who are interested in pursuing fencing beyond the school program will have the opportunity to work with their mentors and coaches at the Fencers Club as a Fencers Club Scholar.

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Art instruction is a synergy of creative collaboration between the art adjunct and our classroom teachers.  Their thoughtful, regular communication brings the curriculum to life through a range of related experiences that support  topics of study under investigation in the classrooms. Regular visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art enhance connections between classroom and the broader world of artistic experience.


Music instruction at Speyer Legacy involves full engagment of our  scholars in an organic approach to music literacy as well as musical expression.  They are guided through creative and sophisticated activities to create a symbol system for explaining the structures of music that lead to a firm grasp of musical notation, ear training and composition.  Our students, who tend toward musicality, come to understand and experience music with their hearts and bodies as well as their minds.

Foreign Language

Our students are introduced to Spanish instruction beginning in kindergarten. We are a highly verbal, passionately communicative community. We observe that our students are aware of, and are intrigued by, the range of languages they hear both in their homes and on the streets of their cosmopolitan city. They acquire language easily and find the process of verbal communication fascinating and fun. In response to this natural inclination, we begin foreign language instruction as early as possible. Spanish, taught formally twice a week for all students, is presented in a dynamic, exciting manner  that keeps the students asking for more! We are exploring the possibility of the addition of other languages in future.

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