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About SLS

The Speyer Legacy School is an independent, co-educational K-8 school in Manhattan, established to meet the needs of advanced learners. We seek to revitalize the vision created in 1936 when The Speyer School was established as one of the first programs intended for children with exceptional learning abilities. At The Speyer Legacy School, our modernized adaptation is built around the need not only to facilitate a child’s mastery of the required disciplines, but also to provide our students with ample time and freedom to pursue their particular passions through in-depth study and collaborative work.

The school was created through the collaborative efforts of a small group of families and educators with a shared passion for the full realization of the exceptional potential so evident in some children.   We seek to provide a joyful, stimulating learning environment to keep the spark alive and growing in young scholars whose zeal to master drives the learning.  




Policy of nondiscrimination

The Speyer Legacy School does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, age or sexual orientation in selecting its students, faculty or staff. While law requires inclusion of the above declaration, the position it states is foundational to the philosophy that guides our community and to the policies that naturally derive from that philosophy.  We strive to promote in our community not only tolerance for the differences amongst us but a deep and abiding appreciation for the depth and richness those differences contribute to our school culture.

"For us, Intelligence is not only what you know but what you do with what you know." 

The Leadership Team

"At Speyer Legacy School, learning holds value if and only if the process was meaningful.  The philosophy asks administrators, teachers, students, and parents to believe that there is a purpose behind learning and that there is always more to discover. This new philosophy has allowed me to be a scholar again"                                                                                Speyer  Legacy Teacher

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