How We Teach

Learning at Speyer is interdisciplinary in the truest sense, holistically integrating art, culture, history, science, and everyday life.

Student Life

Learning in the classroom is just the beginning...

Student life at Speyer is dynamic, engaging, and a whole lot of fun. The driving force behind all student life programs are the students themselves. Elective classes are created based on student interests and input, students can start their own official school-supported clubs, and the student government plays an integral part in Middle School programming and activities.

Middle School students learn to express themselves and respect their peers in daily advisory sessions, and always have a chance to share with the whole community at weekly student-centered assemblies. They express their ideas and voice to the world through student-led social action and service learning programs, and help to guide Speyer’s younger learners through faculty-supported peer teaching and mentoring opportunities.

"The best thing about student life at Speyer is that we place it in the hands of students themselves. We will always be ready to support and guide our students, but we do so as facilitators and allies. Students learn to explore new and exciting ideas, balance fresh passions with consistent pursuits. They learn to succeed, to have to try again, and to create new spaces for inquiry. Through our student life programming, students learn that in order to learn about the world around them, they need to learn about themselves as well." - Radley Glasser, Director of Student Life