How We Teach

Learning at Speyer is interdisciplinary in the truest sense, holistically integrating art, culture, history, science, and everyday life.

Student Life

Learning in the classroom is just the beginning...

Student life at Speyer is dynamic, engaging, and a whole lot of fun. The driving force behind all Student Life programs is the passion of our students. Electives, clubs and teams, service learning projects, and special events are all created to provide room for students to explore new and exciting interests or to allow students to take their focus on a certain area to the next level.

"Student Life at Speyer is about much more than what students learn in Electives, Clubs, and Teams. It's also about students learning to make these important decisions for themselves and take initiative in their own education. Learning to let their guard down and try something new, learning to balance their new interests with old ones, and learning to interact and collaborate with students from other classes and other grades, are a real application of the self-reflection and social and emotional learning that Speyer values so highly." - Radley Glasser, Director of Student Life

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