Clubs & Organizations

Speyer students are given an unprecedented amount of choice in pursuing their passions. Electives classes, which meet three times a week, give students a say in their curriculum, with electives based on everything from Technology and the Makers' Lab, to Drama and Music, or Literature and Poetry. A Speyer student might work on publishing a literature magazine one semester and star in a student-directed musical the next! Students are encouraged to explore new sides of themselves and be open to new experiences.

Lunch Clubs put student choice front and center once again. While all students get to spend lunchtime fueling up for the rest of the day and relaxing with recess both in the gym and on the terrace, students are also encouraged to join a variety of lunchtime clubs. Students in clubs might focus on learning a new skill, such as working with the sewing needles and looms in the Knitting Club, or might be participating in a student-led organization, such as joining the Student Government.