Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Admissions at

Is Speyer a good fit for my child?

Children who thrive at The Speyer Legacy School are generally inquisitive, observant, engaged and thoughtful. They often love to read or write, and build or sing, as well as think and question. The range of personalities and interests is wide, but they tend to share a common desire to learn deeply and examine carefully, often enjoying sophisticated discussions with older children or adults.

As intellectually like-minded as they may be, Speyer students remain funny and energetic children who love to run, jump, skip and dance, daydream, draw and enjoy pretend play.

If you are considering applying for a higher grade, your child’s fit will be closely linked to his/her academic record and accomplishments, alongside a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively, with motivation and purpose. Our on-site assessments are calibrated to the existing math and literacy levels of same aged Speyer students and will provide us with additional data on academic fit.

My child hasn’t taken any independent tests. Should I schedule one even though it is not required for Kindergarten?

If independent tests such as the ECAA and/or Stanford Binet are not required for any of your applications to other school for Kindergarten, do not schedule the test for Speyer alone. If your child is taking an independent test as part of an application to Kindergarten at another school, we will be happy to add the results to his/her Speyer file. We believe that our onsite assessment provides sufficient information to determine the fit of your child within our program. If you are applying for grades 1-6, please review the Admissions process for that grade: All independent test requirements are outlined.

Can I apply for a grade in which you don’t have current openings?

Yes, we always accept applications even if there are no current openings. We will screen all applicants so that we are able to offer new contracts if space becomes available.

Do you offer fall tours?

We offer fall tours to families who submit applications to our school. If you are still deciding whether to apply, we invite you to attend an Open House session to learn more about The Speyer Legacy School. Families who are considering an application to Middle School are welcome to attend a Middle School tour.

Is bus service available?

There are a number of bus routes throughout Manhattan for Speyer students available through the NYC Department of Education yellow bus service. A reduced fare Metrocard might also be an option, depending on your home location. There are no additional fees for the use of these services.

How many students attend The Speyer Legacy School?

We have approximately 300 students.

What is the faculty/student ratio?

This school year our full time faculty/student ratio is 6:1. This figure does not account for adjunct faculty who teach classes such as chess or dance.

Are any applicants given special consideration?

Speyer offers an early notification option to the siblings of currently enrolled students, as well as to children of school staff and faculty. Families who are eligible for early notification should contact the admissions office in the summer or early in September of the application year and must follow all early notification dates.

As a community-minded school, we appreciate the support and commitment that sibling families have to deepening their ties to Speyer. However, all siblings and other early notification candidates are evaluated individually, using the same criteria as regular applicant children, to determine their fit within our educational environment.

Can I get feedback on my child’s application?

We are unable to share information regarding your child’s application or placement decision. We consider many factors when building our incoming classes and take significant care in the way we evaluate the fit of each child and family into The Speyer Legacy School. We cannot share details of any individual’s file.


To register for a tour, please create an account on Ravenna Hub. Please note, in order to properly register for a tour you must select that you are Applying for the fall of 2019 on your Ravenna dashboard and select to "Explore" Speyer in the school directory. Tours will be offered on the following dates:

Thursday, May 3
Monday, May 14

Wednesday, May 23

Speyer will continue to accept applications on a limited basis. Please contact the Admissions Office regarding possible openings in select grades for the 2018-2019 school year by emailing